Epoxy Grout & Equipment Reliability - A Constructive Relationship

In the petrochemical industry, industrial machinery and equipment are subject to tremendous rigorous operating requirements and extreme service environments - Many factors work against the desire to optimize equipment reliability. Users of dynamic industrial machinery will go to great lengths to attain greater operating efficiency and reliability in their equipment to achieve lower operating costs. In doing so, greater productivity is possible with a noticeable positive effect on the bottom line.

The right grouting system as part of a well engineered equipment system can provide years of cost effective, reliable performance. Therefore, our Chockfast epoxy grouting systems have been specifically engineered to provide the optimal performance and reliability for use under critically aligned equipment.

The "Equipment System"

In order to plan and achieve the goals of greater operating efficiency & reliability in dynamic equipment and achieve lower operating costs, it is important to understand that the “equipment” itself is just one part of the bigger picture. There are other components that must be taken into consideration that have a direct effect on the outcome.

What Part Does Epoxy Grout Play in Achieving Equipment Reliability?

Precise equipment alignment

  • Epoxy Grout works in collaboration with the anchoring system to maintain the aligned “position” of the equipment critical to efficient performance.
  • Resistance to downward and lateral acting loads on the foundation.

Structural conduit between the equipment and its engineered concrete foundation

  • Steadfast adhesive bonding to steel and concrete allows efficient load transference from equipment mass (Load & vibration source) to the foundation mass (absorption & dissipation receiver).
  • Enhanced vibration damping properties characteristic of Epoxy Grout assist in additional dissipation of loads & vibration during transference.

Chemical resistance

  • Assists in extending the service longevity of the Epoxy Grout layer & equipment foundation in severe industrial environments. Protects porous concrete foundation to maintain integrity of the engineered foundation mass.

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