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Equipment Chocking

The main engine is the most expensive, most important and hardest working component on any ship. To keep a vessel at sea running smoothly, maintaining the precise alignment of the main engine with the propulsion system is critical.

The excellent structural properties of our Chockfast products enable them to hold the precise alignment of such critical machinery throughout its working life. This reduces the risk of breakdowns by minimizing wear and tear of seals, bearings and couplings - thereby reducing the operating cost of the vessel.


LPG and LNG Carriers

As the demand for clean fuel continues to rise, so does the market for LPG and LNG carriers. These specialized vessels hold large tanks that carry the liquefied gas in cryogenic conditions. 

The cryogenic tanks are primarily supported by wooden blocks made of a special grade of laminated wood. Our TG-7B, in paste or liquid form, is used at the interface between the wood and the tank to create a uniform load bearing surface under the tank.

In addition to its load bearing capability, TG-7B withstands seawater and hydrocarbon vapours, making it suitable for this application. This two-component epoxy mastic/liquid can resist temperatures ranging from -165°C to +40°C while accomodating the thermal contraction and expansion of the tanks in service.

TG-7B is designed to be applied on or under the supporting wooden components in the mounting of all types of LPG/LNG tanks including sliding and fixed support, anti-floating chocks and anti-rolling chock.

To see more about our LPG/LNG applications, take a look at one of our 
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Time proven solutions

Our experienced global distributor network assures reliable, high precision installation of critical machinery on ships being built at any shipyard in the world. Our best testemonial is the time proven performance of our chocking compounds and tank seating products installed on tens of thousands of ships plying all over the world over the last several decades. 

Our machinery chocking and tank seating products are approved by all the major classification societies including:

  • ABS
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Class NK
  • DNV GL
  • Korean Register of Shipping
  • Lloyd's Register

Our vast experience combined with our high quality products enable us to ensure durable solutions every time.

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